How to Set Up an Access to Your Project

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In order for your employees to see their appointmentss and manage them, as well as to differentiate access levels, DIKIDI provides the ability to Add access to your project.

In the web version

Go to the "Settings" — "Project access" section, click on the "Add access" button, specify employee's phone number and select a user group. For example, "Employee (with edit rights)".

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In the mobile app:

Select "More" "Project Access", click "+" and enter employee's phone number and select a user group (for example, Administator).

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An employee should download the DIKIDI Business mobile app and sign in with his phone number, which was entered in "Project access". If he does not receive a confirmation code, then most likely he has already been previously registered to this number in the system — in this case, click "Forgot password" and you will get a new password.

Do not allow "shared access" to your project — this is when you give a login and password from one access to several employees at once for use.

In this case, if an error occurs, you will hardly be able to figure out which of your employees made it. And also with "shared access" there are cases when one of employees after dismissal harms and, for example, deletes everything. To prevent this from happening, you must immediately remove access to your project from this employee after dismissal, and for this everyone must have their own.

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