How automatic visit reminders and requests for client review increase profit.

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Clients tend to forget about appointments, be late, or simply disappear after the services have been rendered.

Our task is to prevent these situations, to help the client and establish communication.

Automatic SMS can easily help us:

  • To provide a high level of service: we help the client to remember about the appointment and not to be late.
  • To receive quality feedback from the clients + pleasant bonuses (if you connect the "Tips")
  • To minimize chatting with clients that take up your time.

Solution 1: Automatic SMS - reminders to clients about the visit.

  • Will be sent to the client automatically, relieving your head and time from this task (especially it’s actual when there are a lot of clients - in this case the reminders take a lot of time)
  • Allows you to set a few reminders to the client and solves two problems the same time: the first reminder, for example, the day before will remind about the appointment, and the second, for example an hour, will help the client to plan their time and not be late
  • Will not get lost in the lots of messenger chats.

How to set up reminders for clients in DIKIDI

Solution 2: SMS-request for review and Online-tips.

Get feedback from the client and attract new ones with the received reviews.

  • With SMS-request for review you can set up an automatic SMS-request instead of asking clients to leave feedback. After the service, the client receives a message, through which he can leave a review. The review goes to the DIKIDI Online catalog and provides a rating growth, which also influences to the potential clients to choose a master or a service.
  • In the SMS-request of the review will be offered to leave a TIP, which you can "include" in DIKIDI by linking your card in the TIP section.
  • And if you got a negative review? Great! Finding out what the client didn't like, you can improve the service and get the client back; the negative review will disappear from the rating if they write a new one.

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