How does the Bonus program work?

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Nowadays many salons practice bonuses to attract and retain clients - gratitude in the form of points encourages them to come back to you to get a discount.


Adding a bonus program

In this section you can add a program and set your conditions about accrual/writing off of bonuses. You can set it for any period. The program can be one-level or multilevel, where bonuses will be added when clients reach certain conditions.

You can set the program from your PC on the website in the Clients-Bonus program section.

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Accrual of bonuses

Bonuses are accrued when you make the sale of a service and payment in the journal of appointments, if all the conditions which you have specified are met. Bonuses are accrued to the clients who got under the conditions of the bonus program. You can view the Bonuses in the Client's card.

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You can also add and write off bonuses manually in the Clients-Bonus Program-Operations section.

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Payment by bonuses

It is possible to pay for a visit with bonuses when you make a sale and paying for goods and services. You can choose how many bonuses you want to write off from the client's account. The limit of the maximum percent of payment by bonuses will be made on the basis of your bonuses write-off settings. The remaining amount can be paid as usual - by card or cash.

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Setting up several bonus programs

You can add several bonus programs to the section at once, as well as suspend and restart their activity. You can add both long-term programs (permanent bonuses) and short-term ones (March 8, Black Friday, New Year). If you have several active programs at the same time, and the client fulfilled their conditions, he will get points at the highest % cashback of them.

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Setting up a multilevel bonus program

It is possible to set up several levels accrual of bonuses at once in one program. Adding several levels is suitable to thank regular clients and motivate them to come again. The more money a client has spent for all the time, the more points he gets from each visit. Add levels through the plus sign and specify the necessary conditions.

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Examples of bonus programs settings

Before adding a program, answer yourself the question: What is the purpose of bonuses?

  1. To attract new clients - setting up the program specify in Savings and Check amount - 0. Then any client will be getting bonuses from any service, which can be spent on the next visits.
  2. Retain regular clients – setting up the program you must specify the necessary amount in Savings, so the bonuses will be added only to those clients who has spent no less this sum, i.e. to the regular ones.
  3. Increase the average check - setting up the program you have to specify in Savings amount - 0 in, and in Check amount write necessary sum, having spent this sum at once the client will get bonuses.
  4. In honor of the holiday - setting up the program in Savings and Check amount specify amount 0, and also set an increased % of cashback, so that the clients will get more bonuses for future visits.

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